What to Expect:

From Us:

Hospitality.  We value your presence with us at worship and think of you as honored guests and co-journeyers with us along the path towards spiritual maturity and Christ-likeness.  Being around so many new people in a new place may be in some ways overwhelming, but we would like for you to take our smiles and conversation as genuine expressions of our welcome and interest in you.  You can expect us to be fairly casual, yet warm and welcoming.


Over time you can expect to be transformed.  No matter where you are on your spiritual journey—a newcomer or spiritually seasoned—we all have potential growth areas.  We invite you to share your life with us as we share ours with you, and may the Holy Spirit continue to transform us into something holy and pleasing to the Lord, and useful for our friends and neighbors in Leesburg.


Sunday Morning Worship is designed by our Worship Ministry Committee to stir our hearts and minds, and stimulate our faith.  Our worship committee is thoughtful and prayerful as they plan worship so as to create meaningful worship experiences for the church, to aid us as we grow into Christ-likeness.  To this end, each week during worship you can expect A Cappella congregational singing with blends of traditional hymns and contemporary praise music, heart-felt prayer by our congregational Shepherds, biblical and Spirit-filled lessons relevant to Christian life today and spiritual nourishment from the Lord’s Supper as we celebrate and give thanks for Christ.