Community Outreach:


Care Bears

Our Care Bears Program has continued for 28 years.  They have brought smiles to many children in the Leesburg Regional Medical Center hospital.  Within the past year, the Care Bears have been given to children in the hospital emergency room.

The tag reads:

“I’m just a little Care Bear”

“I’m plain and rather small”

“But I was made with loving care”

” So I could come to call”   “Hug me, talk to me,”   “And tell me how you feel” 

                                                      “And remember, with your family”    “God’s love for you is real.”

Our Care Bears come together in an interesting way.  First the pieces are traced, sewed and trimmed; then they are turned right side out and stuffed.  The next step takes an artistic touch – drawing on the faces and adding a big heart.  Then they’re delivered to the ribbon lady.  She puts in the last touches – doing the hand stitching to close it up, add a bow, and attach the little message card.  There are about seven individuals (not excluding men) who have a hand in putting the bears together.

 Flower Power (celebrating  over 40 Years)

Every Wednesday morning from 8:30 A.M. until about 11:00 A.M. between 15 and 20 members of our church family engage in making mini-bouquets of fresh flowers to be delivered to the patients who are in the Leesburg Regional Medical Center and elsewhere.  The hospital staff appreciates the joy that the patients receive.  We have also added sending get well, sympathy and birthday cards to our church members and others.  Also, for our church members who are shut-ins, we put together sunshine baskets filled with all sorts of goddies.

 Food Pantry

Our food pantry committee takes our Lord’s command to love and care for each other very seriously. We make every effort to be proactive in the lives of hungry children in our area and to have food available to any family who finds themselves in need.  We strive to honor Jesus in a very small way with this ministry which operates on donations from our members.

Tie A Knot, Say A Prayer Quilt Ministry

Quilts are made specially for very needy children with major health problems as an outreach for compassion and love. You may submit children’s names and addresses to request a quilt. A $25 contribution or donation per quilt is humbly requested and accepted. Notate Quilt Ministry on your contribution or donation.