Our core values include:

Biblical teaching and preaching:

We value the word of God as Scripture that both reveals God to us and forms us into Christ’s image over time, therefore, during class and Sunday morning lesson, we value Bible-centered teaching and preaching that is meaningful and relevant to the challenges of our lives of faith today.

Community and fellowship:

We look forward to getting together with each other and fellowshipping as we develop a meaningful sense of community here. We believe that God calls each of us out of our private religious world, and invites us to share our faith with others at various points along the same spiritual journey towards Christ.


The Hebrews writer notes the multitude of heavenly witnesses exhorting us onward towards Christ and so we also value encouragement, sustaining one another with words of love, care and the meaningfulness of the spiritual journey.


We have been atoned for by Christ and this is a gift of God, not something that can be earned.  We humbly embrace our weakness and limitations, because by the grace of God, Jesus has become our righteousness.  At the heart of our fellowship is the grace we all receive in and through Christ that enables us to journey in faith towards spiritual transformation into Christ-likeness.


We are a prayerful community, here at the S. 14th St. church of Christ. We eagerly seek the God of all comfort in our lives, particularly on behalf of those most vulnerable among us.  We trust that just as God is present and actively attending to us in prayer, we feel that God is also molding us and transforming our common nature into something more glorious and Godly through prayer.