We are a family of Christians who welcome you to join with us in our ongoing journey towards Christ likeness. We gather as a family several times a week to praise and worship, study and fellowship.

We welcome you to journey with us and to bless us with your gifts and life experiences as we share in a common hopefulness in Christ. You’re welcome to explore our website and get a better feel for who we are, what we are about and how we would be a good church family for you and your continued spiritual growth.


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                         Elders’ Statement


Our time with Covid has been trying. We are again meeting in our auditorium for worship services. Those of us who have antibodies from having covid or have had the inoculations are not required to wear a mask. Those without the antibodies, we ask you to continue to wear a mask, but it will be up to your integrity. Please respect the desires of others personal space during these times. Hand sanitizer use upon entry into the worship service is highly recommended. If you have any health related or age related issues, you should carefully determine your attendance. We cannot emphasize this enough. We certainly do not want anyone to feel obligated to attend. We have the service on Facebook so you can participate from home.


Sunday prior live stream sermon messages are available on YouTube.


Go to the YouTube Sermon Link Tab on the top of this page.


In addition, you can watch previous worship services at any time on our Facebook page.

If you are on Facebook, search for this page or click on it:


South 14th St Church


Please note there are several similar sounding pages on Facebook,

but this is the only one with our worship services.